Remarkable Real Estate Technology 2019 That Will Change The Vision



In the whole world, only one thing is constant and that is “change”; don’t you get amazed after thinking how smartphones can easily connect us with a person who’s far away from you! Or how will WhatsApp or any chat application notify you when your buddy has seen your message – These all can’t be possible without technology so thanks to invention! You may think, is there any technology to simplify home buying fuzz? After all, finding a new home is not as easy as finding a good restaurant and ordering delicious food. Agree? But, real estate is also part of this techno-evolution just like every other industrial area. On the other hand, we are drastically going deeper & deeper into innovation with help of visualizing architecture techniques for project planning and customer experience. In the last article, I’ve covered up architectural rendering perks, if you’ve missed the read then go through this link

Today, I am taking you on the tour of the most prominent visualization technologies that will shape the future of real estate across the vertical. Let’s take a ride. Zoommmmm!

First & foremost, virtual & augmented reality

You are already coming across these two power bunch of technologies still, you may have the same question: what is a virtual reality? – It is an artificial environment that is created using software and presented to the user in such a way that the user suspends belief and accepts it as a real environment.

For the novice user, it is no less than a magic! It has already conquered a place at the core of all the activity we perform daily. Whether it is communication, entertainment or creativity; we are using virtual reality tools everywhere.

The augmented means simply to add or enhance something. And, in the case of Augmented Reality (AR), touch, sounds, and graphics feedback are added to our natural world for creating an enhanced user experience.

I can bet that in the upcoming years, we will be able to touch or smell virtual objects which gives an edge to the VR technology.


Holographic Projections can be the new boom

Do you love science fiction and video games? If you do then, you already have experienced the magic created through holographic projections. I can make you believe, whenever you project images, videos, and intractable 3D models float like a dream, it helps you imagine how exactly your new home is going to look. I hope, you are familiar with 3d rendering services which help you look your home interior & exterior plans before it builds.

What’s On Your Mind?

Whether you believe or not but the fact is real estates are a late adopter of innovations. But the idea of smartphones has truly turned the table. Slowly but steadily, people & real estate companies become more adaptable and switched to visualizing architecture services to take the business at new heights. 3d rendering services totally erase the thin line between what is real and what is virtual. Be innovative!

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