Why Do Entrepreneurs Prefer 3D Floor Plans Instead Of 2D?



Why Do Entrepreneurs Prefer 3D Floor Plans Instead Of 2D?

The arrival of 3D Architectural Rendering Services has almost shaken the techno-world. For businesses, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs, it becomes frustrating to switch the entire business that ran from 2D to 3d rendering services.

Why do people promote this sudden change? Are there any perks behind 3D services? What makes people invest in 3D services? Why there is a need for change or update? The more you float in the techno-sea, the more curious you become to know about the evolution.


Of course, anyone would be perplexed, especially when someone thinks of investing onto the businesses like, real estate, construction, graphic design, interior design, and many more in which you will require real-view images to promote the business. Defining or determining visualizing architecture in a single blog or a bunch of blogs is not possible at all. Because, it’s a big sea that requires sufficient knowledge of everything, whether it is about software, business tactics, or little knowledge of history or previous technology.

Why shifting from 2D to 3D floor plan becomes beneficial to the businesses?

  • Upgradation from 2D to 3D floor plans can save time and money as the latest technology can assist the user with smart and reliable tools & technology
  • People who run the real estate business, the 3D floor plan has the ability to come out with new ideas for sales promotion. Through the usage of smart technology, they can engage with customers with informative and interactive site details. Through the same services, they can launch a creative marketing campaign.
  • If you are thinking of a renovation then 3D rendering can be helpful to let you view the real-like images using the technology so that you will have the idea about the services.
  • The technology is money-saving as well as money-making as this can assist homeowners to organize the rooms with the perfect piece of the furniture and innovative décor ideas.
  • Through the 3D floor plan services, everything can be viewed on the screen first and if it suits better and satisfies the customer then, it will take place to work further. There remains no chance of conflicts between builder, designer, and clients.
  • The services can help homebuyers to get the exact look and feel about the building before it builds so that they find satisfaction about their investment.

Reaching on the decision time – 2D Vs 3D?

Well, well before you take any decision or switch from 2D CAD images to 3D floor plan services, you will have to remember a few factors into mind. Such as,…

  • The budget that you have set for the service
  • Your individual & business purpose
  • Total turnaround time behind the procedure
  • Creative vision to make the service work
  • You should know the target audience

The bottom line can be, it all depends upon your business requirement. If you require simple video and you have a limited budget then, sticking to the 2D floor plan methodology would be perfect.

On another end, if your project requires bold and dynamic pictures then, upgrading the technology and switching to the 3D floor plan services can be the better fit for your business.

Hence, the choice is yours!

Know your business and individual requirement before relying upon any company or following any trend. If you want impeccable 3d interior rendering services at a reasonable price then we, the 3D Praxis Studio can be your perfect partner to fulfil all your requirements guaranteed. Stay in tune for more information!

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