Do I need to Make 3D rendering in-house or outsource?



(Visualizing Architecture)

No matter if it’s a huge private enterprise building or a private residence, with the help of architectural visualization, the process in success of deals and making buildings can be made through a number of ways like social media, brochures, and websites.

Normally architects use different re-known software to do their tasks like AutoCAD, ARCHICAD, Rhino, Photoshop but to perform architectural visualization efficiently, one has to be an expert as its not everyone’s cup of tea, so here the burning question arises of whether to outsource my Visualizing Architecture task or launch my own department?

This complicated question is dependent on lots of factors. Let’s illustrate some facts about taking the final decision about outsourcing vs. full-time hire by projecting their pros and cons.

When to outsource the project to specialized agencies

There could be a number of reasons to outsource your work; some have the knowledge and human resource too but they opt for outsourcing their architectural renderings for other reasons like quicker turnaround, less frustration and achieving superior quality in less time.

Due to increased international competition, more people are interested to outsource their projects irrespective of staff members and expertise.

When the project requirements are beyond your core skill set then it would be a better decision to hands-off and outsource it instead of spending your precious time to learn it. Another factor is if the cost of consumption of your own time to develop renderings is exceeding the amount needed to outsource. If the need is to look for a cheaper substitute with fewer burdens, outsource 3d Rendering Company is the premium choice.

Just prior to thinking about outsourcing, also keep a glance at few problems which can arise if not handled wisely: Perform your homework first to avoid getting on fire.

Research should be done like list down the needs, cost analysis, and hiring a good architectural rendering professional who can perfectly translate your vision and ideas into the intended design with less effort in understanding and communication.

Pros of Outsourcing

  • Outsourcing rendering services save your money to be wasted on highly paid 3D architect-designer who does nothing like in case of in-house services and you are paying only to get the required task.
  • Outsource 3D rendering services also offer 24/7 access to data much conveniently.
Cons of Outsourcing
  • Some information is not allowed to discuss outside the company premises so here while outsourcing there is the serious issue of confidentiality. To avoid this make a nondisclosure agreement before any partnership.
  • To outsource in a different region than yours may create a difference in working time and hence productivity would be affected.
When to re-direct the data to the in-house visualization teams


In-house firms have total control over the workflow. It is an easier option to always keep an eye check and access where the task is going. Any changes if needed to make can be done instantly. Have an in-house rendering team provides stability to the firm with no worries to grab the attention of the market.


Keeping a full-time 3-D professional is a fixed amount in spite of the tasks performed. Other than that, keep in mind the administrative process held in the hiring team with the office expenses and social expenses.

In order to get the optimum results, look at the requirements and then take the decision on which rendering service better suits your business.

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