Urban Landscapes: A Comprehensive Architectural 3D Rendering Case Study on Central Pedestrian Square

Architectural 3D Rendering

Discover how we transformed Central Pedestrian Square through architectural 3D rendering in this comprehensive case study. Delve into our client-focused approach, the project’s multi-faceted phases, and the high-end solutions we delivered.


Here, we introduce the project, its scope, and its significance. This section sets the stage for the entire case study. 

  • Client: Paul
  • Project: Central Pedestrian Square
  • Location: Ontario, Canada
  • Investment: $XX Million
  • Project Phases: Commercial, Office, Parking, Residential
  • Total GCA: 210,703 sqm
  • Additional Amenities: Educational Campus, Food & Beverage Outlets, Cultural Centers
Bird View Multi-Purpose Urban Landscape High-Rise 3D Architectural Visualization

The Challenge: Architecural 3D Rendering Urban Space

Commercial Building SketchUp Urban Space Exterior 3D Architectural Rendering3D Exterior design portfolio for Multi-Purpose Urban Space Architectural 3D Rendering

Paul aimed to create a multi-functional urban development that would serve as a commercial, residential, and cultural hub. The challenge was to design a sustainable, high-rise complex that would be a landmark.

The Solution: Leveraging Architectural 3D Rendering

Our Expertise in
3D Rendering

3D Rendering Services Bird view


Architectural 3D Rendering Specialists

Our team of 3D rendering specialists and project managers utilized SketchUp for high-fidelity 3D modeling and material selection.

  • 01. Initial Consultation
    01. Initial Consultation

    Understanding the client's vision.

  • 02. 3D Modeling
    02. 3D Modeling

    Utilizing SketchUp models provided by Paul.

  • 03. Material Selection
    03. Material Selection

    Opting for high-grade materials.

  • 04. 3D Rendering
    04. 3D Rendering

    Creating six distinct renderings.

  • 05. Revisions
    05. Revisions

    Material changes in one of the street views.

Multi-Functional Urban Development

Architectural 3D Rendering Process

Our Streamlined and unique


We start by understanding your vision, project requirements, and the message you want to convey. This helps us tailor our Architectural 3D rendering services to meet your specific needs.

Get Draft Architectural Rendering

Your vision is transformed into an initial 3D draft.

Make Revisions

We fine-tune details based on your feedback.

Completion & Final Render

The polished 3D render is ready for presentations and stakeholder meetings.

Project Specifications

Commercial Exterior Architectural 3D Rendering


17,316 sqm

Office Building Exterior Architectural 3D Rendering


7,864 sqm


60,070 sqm