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Architects, nowadays, rely heavily on computer software to bring their plans and blueprints to life. 3D visualization software helps the clients to have a holistic look at their projects. There are way fewer chances of mistakes being made. It saves a lot of time for the architects as well as the clients. It is also easier and faster to make changes to the plans in case the clients change their minds mid-project.

Whenever architects plan to hire 3D visualization experts, they have two options. The first one is to hire a freelancer. The other option is to hire a proper visualization studio. Now, both choices have their advantages as well as their downsides.

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Hiring a Freelancer


  • Flexible timings: Freelancers usually work from home or at times that suit themselves and their clients. Therefore, it is easier to coordinate with them at a time that suits you both. Moreover, they may be available on weekends as well.
  • Cheaper: If you cannot afford to spend a lot of money on your project, you should hire freelancers. They are likely to charge you far less than professional studios.
  • A lot of options: Freelancing is becoming fairly common these days as everyone wishes to be their own boss. Therefore the market is saturated and you can take your pick from a wide array of candidates.


  • Lower quality: Freelancers are usually beginners or not seasoned enough, which is why they charge lesser money than studios. This means you may have to compromise on the quality of work.
  • Limited skills: Freelancers often work individually. This is why they may have a small skill set. This would again affect the quality of work and limit your project’s scope as well. It would also take more time since one person cannot manage all the work on their own.

Hiring a Visualization Studio


  • Commitment, responsibility and guaranteed results: This is possibly the biggest advantage of hiring a visualization studio. Studios usually have a reputation to live up to. They need to satisfy their clients in order to gain positive feedback. So they are more careful than casual freelancers when it comes to handling their work. It makes studios more trustworthy and reliable.
  • Contract: The project details are carefully defined in advance. All the terms are decided beforehand too. Therefore, if anything goes wrong, you can challenge the studio.
  • Division of labor: Since studios usually deploy a team of people on a single project, it makes the work quicker and easier. Also, each member is skilled at a certain task, so they can divide and conquer the job at hand.
  • Database: Studios such as Praxis Studio have an extensive database of 3D models and projects which the architects can pick from. Pre-existing projects make your job easier and quicker.


  • Fixed timings: Since professional studios work on a tight schedule, they will be less accommodating when it comes to timing.
  • Cost: Studios offer a wider variety of services and clearly have way more advantages than freelancers. Thus, their work is worth much more.